Jamie of Inspired Mess had a contest a week or so ago & I WON! Aren't my winnings awesome??? I love the framed creation she made just for me! Isn't the personalization great? And, yep, it's going to my office on Monday to be hung for all to see! The little blue creature holds a sewing cute - too cute! THANK YOU, Jamie!!

We have a pretty sunny morning today ... very sweet, especially after last evening's tornado warning. Yeah, that was interesting! K & I watched the clouds swirling by for about 15 minutes - some sure looked like they were trying hard to form into something more. Thankfully, they didn't. Her boyfriend was on his way home on one of the roadways the weather folks were warning about so Mom here (me) was telling him, through K, to get off the road. Yep, we never stop being mom's, do we?

T gets home this afternoon from his Texas adventure - yea!!

And the Bruins won last night - great game!! Anne, hope the 'Canes do well in this round! And, again, thank you to the BlueJackets for an incredible season! Which reminds me ... the CBJ had a fan who was fighting cancer. Ryan was a great guy & the Jackets included him in activities, visited him a lot (particularly Jason Chimera, one of my fav guys). Yesterday, Ryan lost his battle with cancer. I'm sure he & Mr. Mac are up there watching replays of our games & enjoying the playoff games. Rest in peace, Ryan.


Anne said...

Hi, Nancy! Lovely goodies! Are your Boston Bruins now playing my beloved Carolina Hurricanes?! You may have won last night, but we'll be tough to beat come Sunday! :-)

Anne said...

Hi again, Nancy! Ooops! You're a Columbus Blue Jackets fan! My bad!

It's just that you mentioned the Bruins! It threw me off for a moment. Thank you for wishing the 'Canes well!

Sorry the Red Wings knocked the Blue Jackets out of the playoffs. The Wings are tough to beat and you had them straight off!

But a great way to finish your season! First time to the playoffs for this new franchise! :-)

Jamie said...

You're Welcome! I'm glad you liked it!!! Have a happy Saturday!!! xoxo -j

Sandy said...

That's so cute. Congrats on your win, and I can't wait to hear what the office has to say about it. LOL

Lisa said...

Yay, congratulations!! I wanted to let you know some of our shrink plastic things sort of flopped, but I posted a couple things today in case you are interested. If we can perfect this a little more, we'll all have to get together and try some! Have a good one! http://abeadaday.blogspot.com/
Lisa C., :)

Mary said...

Enjoy your win. Blog friends are the greatest.

I don't follow hockey anymore. I used to but when they added all the new teams, I gave it up.

Enjoy your Sunday.