I'm soooo behind in my blog reading ... as I shared earlier this week, it's been a crazy week! So, maybe I shouldn't ask this, since I'm a delinquent one, but when has that stopped me? ;-)

As you breeze through the blogs you follow - or the new ones you discover - how often do you leave comments? I often see the same locations showing up on my traffic follower here, but many don't leave comments. I'd love to know who you are, so even if it's just a "hi! I've been here" comment, please speak up? And, please do the same on other blogs you read. Most bloggers share as we do because we just want to, because we want to share our days in some form with anyone who will listen & I know we all appreciate knowing someone's stopped by. As an example, "Grove City Ohio" comes through here ... that's a suburb near me. Are you someone I follow, someone I've met ... someone I might share local stash stores with?
(Saturday update: the joke's on me! "Grove City" was me!! Guess I should pay more attention, huh? *lol* Just goes to show technology needs tending sometimes ... the traffic follower had changed my location & I hadn't noticed! Sheesh ... ) (And, thank you to those who've left comments!)

Anyway ... take a few minutes, please, here and/or at other blogs you read, say "hi" so we bloggers can have "faces" to go with places/names. Thanks!


Jamie said...

Good Morning!!!! It's me from Mt. Vernon, Illinois!!!! :)
Hope you have a wonderful, happy & relaxing weekend!!!!!
xoxo -j

Natasha said...

Just recently found your blog from browsing other blogs. I tend to leave messages for those that leave me a messeage but that is only because I usually only have about 10 people to say "hi" to..
Take Care

Sandy said...

Well you know me. LOL Mine says where it thinks I'm from but not it's not really where I'm from, just where the "server" lives. I think that's so funny. I always leave you a comment but I do understand and know what you mean, totally know what you mean. ;)

Rachel said...

Heyla from Portland, OR. I tend to leave messages on posts that I have something to say about (non stitchy posts) and I try to comment on finishes. Its always nice when I get comments on my finishes :o)