Sunny but chilly

The rain's finally gone (fingers crossed) & the sun's shining, but whoa, is it cool!

I did get my basil planted yesterday, before the rain - can you taste the pesto it'll make?

I got my fairy garden planted, too, this year, in my grandfather's wheelbarrow. It's all herbs - rosemary, thyme, basil. I hope it gets enough sun here - if not, the wheelbarrow does still "wheel".

One peony bush is blooming beautifully. I so love peonies! My grandmother always grew them, as did my mom - and the tradition continues in my own garden. I have a second bush but it's struggling this year for whatever reason. Oh, well, one's better than none.

Now to get to the nursery to buy my annuals & to till some space & plant the dahlia & gladiola bulbs we bought a few weeks ago. It's to be sunny all week, so it might actually all get done!

What's in your garden this year?


Pumpkin said...

Oh, I'm SO jealous! DH and I went to a garden center the other day and I was just ga-ga over everything! LOL! We have such a small yard that we're going to have to plan well. I did spot a red rhododendron that I want plus we're going to have a magnolia since everyone seems to have them here. And hey, I LOVE magnolias :o)

Keep posting pictures of the garden because it might be a bit before we can get to ours and I'll live my life through you ;o)

Sandy said...

Lucky with that "coolness". Although it's cool here too but when you factor in the humidity we have that just makes it like an oven. We got rain too.

Love the basil, glad you got it planted. ;) And your fairy garden is great. I love your Grandfather's whellbarrow, how beautiful.

I hope you get the rest planted this week. Here's to good weather there.

cheri said...

Haven't done a fairy garden for years...looking forward to planting 2 with friend's kids next week. Collecting fairy things~ shiny bits & pieces!
We have had lots of sun in AK, so my plants are doing well so far! Still growing my 4 kinds of basil indoors though.