Ok ... A tomato!! But at least now, T can't stand at the back door, sighing "no tomatoes yet"!

See this beautiful lettuce plant? Not long ago, something (aka bunny) had eaten all of our lettuce plants down to almost nothing. T didn't pull them - he waited to see if they'd come back. And, they are! Fingers are crossed that they'll continue unscathed (or, unmunched).

And the little whirlygig? T plants those throughout the garden to distract animals & to catch the wind direction. Yeah ... cute, huh?

What's blooming in your garden now?


Anne said...

Hi, Nancy! We didn't get much planted this year ... but we do have basil, oregano, cilantro, and parsley, along with a cherry tomato plant, a big boy tomato plant, and some dianythus flowers! :-)

Pumpkin said...

LOL! A little visitor huh? Well at least he's not sitting there with a rifle ready to ping them off so I guess the whirlygigs are okay ;o)