Thank you!

Hmm ... is her .gif working?

Well...regardless ... If not, she's supposed to be curtseying, so to set the "mood" ...

I'd like to do something I don't do often enough: say thanks to all of you who stop here .... and THANK YOU to all who leave comments! Earlier today I read a well-said blog post about the leaving of comments & remembering to thank those who do - a point made was if someone handed me a box of something, I'd say thank you. If someone complimented something about me or mine, I'd say thank you. Immediately. Yet, I rarely respond to comments left here ... no real reason, but I'd never considered it in this light. I will now try to do better because I very much appreciate the gift of you taking the time to say something to me here.

And, if I ever get to blog surf again (ok, we know I will, but I hope sooner rather than later!), I'm going to be better about leaving comments ... to remember my manners, to be more "polite" as I peruse the blogs I read.


Wonderful weekend!

How can it be Sunday afternoon already?!?!

Friday evening, I relaxed with 2 friends, poolside at one's home. We chilled with frozen strawberry daiquiris & my pesto with breadsticks. The sun was shining, the company was awesome .. a wonderful way to end the work week!

Saturday, I weeded our gardens ... and, yep, my muscles are still screaming! A cousin & I have vowed to get back to working out at the rec center - not a moment too soon. When I'd recovered a bit, I set to finishing a few charm bracelets.

This one's for Sandy, made with Blue Moon's "Tokens" charms & Tim Holtz's "Fragments" - and a washer. Hope she likes it!

This one is for me Tim Holtz's "Ideaology" pieces & his "Fragments". I have such a thing for base metals anymore!

This one, too, is for me (I'm so good to me! lol) - made with Blue Moon's "Tokens" & Tim's "Fragments".

Today, I attended my first "Meetup". Rhonda invited 9 of us to her home for a jewelry/beading meetup, hoping to get a monthly gathering going. Lisa & I were the only attendees today, but that's better than none, right? We chatted, got to know one another a bit, shared some ideas - especially with Lisa's beautiful Swarovski stash! - then we each got to working on our own pieces. I'm redoing my watch band, so I got started on it. Thank you, Rhonda, for bringing us together! I'm looking forward to next month already!

What fun things did you do and/or create this weekend?


A sale!

If you need supplies for altered art or ATC's or similar, AlteredArts is having an online yard sale that starts tomorrow ... My first order from them may arrive tomorrow - any bets that'll "enable" me to do more shopping??? (lol)

Artsy Online Yard Sale
Thurs. June 25 - Sat. June 27


Join us for our First ever Artsy Yard Sale.

We recently consolidated a couple warehouses and cleaned out our own personal stashes of great arts and crafts "stuff."

We will be listing numerous items never before posted on our site.
We will have only one or two of many of them, so check the sale often for new additions.
If we can combine your orders when we ship them, we will adjust/refund shipping.

The best thing is - everything will be at Yard Sale prices!


Early morning in the almost-country

See that in the middle of the soccer field? It's one of our neighborhood deer population...

We used to see our deer family most every morning & evening in the fields to the left of this one. Then the city ran a bike path through the far side of the soccer field, through the field's parking lot, along the tree line to the creek - where the deer used to congregate (along the tree line).

So imagine my surprise this morning when I pulled up to our stop sign & saw this beautiful creature standing on the other side of the road! I was delighted! Part of why we live where we do is we are almost-in-the-country, we're almost rural. The area used to be all rural & has slowly developed, but our village is not anxious to become strung up with traffic or well-known businesses (no Starbucks for us!), so we still have the pleasure of seeing a lot of "nature". This morning certainly reminded me of the glory around us...


Yea! Finally!

I've actually caught up a bit with journaling! After a month of nothing, I did!

My Blissfully Art Journaling Yahoo group posts daily prompts & I've finally done one! I've saved them practically every day with those good ol' good intentions ... but I finally completed one!

In the Journal Writing Yahoo group, a few members create monthly grids to at least record daily happenings, thoughts, whatever. I've talked & talked about starting the practice myself... Ha! I finally did it! It's nothing fancy, it was done quickly, but I did it! Yea, me! Now to maintain the focus... I will do it!

I was quite entertained this morning by our bunnies - and relieved to see they were more interested in sniffing & playing & not in nibbling our vegetables.

This reminds me, too, to prep more background pages. That helps so much!

I played ... and played ...

Hmmm... guess I've not stored my jewelry pictures on my computer yet, so I won't be sharing them yet. Ahhh ... good intentions ...

In the meantime, my cruise roommate asked me recently if I'd done paper image transfers. Nope. I'd not. Of course, I was then curious! And I just happen to have Bernie Berlin's Artist Trading Card Workshop book here from the library - and guess what's in there! And this week, Claudia Hellmuth shared doing the transfers with her paints. Now, is this a sign I'm supposed to try this technique or what? Uh, yeah! lol

This morning, instead of being lost in Facebook's SmallWorlds, I've been focusing on creating. Time to get caught up making art (hey, I have to obey Wendy Vecchi, right???), so I've got Pandora playing Puddle of Mudd & Nickelback, got out my Golden gel medium, printed a picture and voila!

I tried paper to paper with just water first (not shown here ... didn't turn out so good), then I put gel medium on paper & brayered my photo on to it (right side sample). Love it!! Then, I had to try it on Tim Holtz's grungepaper (left side sample) - and it worked. It's not as clear, but the photo doesn't have much color - but this would work quite well with some color on the grungepaper as background, I'm sure. And, yes, I'll try it. Have you?

Happy Father's Day to dads everywhere!
I miss my dad every day, but especially on "his" days like today. His birthday was the 4th of July & he always declared all of the celebrations as HIS celebrations, thanking everyone for partying with him. He worked hard, sometimes at 3 jobs at a time, so my mom could stay home with us. He knew how to relax, how to enjoy life - some of my favorite memories are our times on picnics, the beach times in Florida & him teaching me how to take care of my car. I hope you are as blessed with your father as I was with mine.


House of 3

One of my favorite blogs/websites belongs to House of 3. My blog background & header is one of theirs & I so love it! Well, I am thinking of changing it as I'm one of those who can't stand everything to be the same for any length of time (lol), but I will be changing it to another from House of 3.

Anyway ... have you seen their blog lately? They've got a wonderful "summer project" going on - beautiful creations that have my brain kicking into gear with ideas & plans! They have a giveaway posted today, which is always fun when blog surfing - but more than that, please go check out their project. Great inspiration on a rainy Friday!


Seed beads, anyone?

My original thought was to use 3 strands of different sized beads for this, but after stringing them, I decided I didn't like how it looked after all, so I ended up with 2 strands of #11's & one smaller (#14's? - the container wasn't marked). The "donut" was purchased when I was in Nashville. I bought 2 since I didn't know what I was going to make with them .. now what do I do with the second one? Maybe I'll make a bracelet with it ... maybe I'll make something to give away here. Decisions, decisions!


3 months 3 weeks 3 days!

Oh, yeah! Counting down the days to Mexico!! And how could I not commemorate 3 months 3 weeks 3 days? ;-) (Are we there yet???)

Have been doing a bit of blog surfing today (yep, bored at work - ssshhh!). So my question for you is, how do you get those wonderful images onto ATC's & collages & such - looking so wonderfully "clean"? Do you use a paper transfer technique? If so, what's your favorite way to do the transfer? Any suggestions, recommendations for me? I think it's time I try this - I have seen some great digital images, but the thought of cutting them out stopped me cold. (Boy, can you tell I'm a newbie at techniques??? ) So, after I get a few more pieces of jewelry made this week, I'm going back to my ATC's ... time to get messy!


I did it!

I finally broke out of my slump a bit! I went to Need2Bead yesterday to pick up a few things - yeah, we all know how that goes!

But, first, my finished bracelet - created while in Kentucky last week.

The instructions Shar had were to wrap 14 gauge silver with 18 gauge silver, but we're both more into other metals, so we used what we could find & liked - which was 16 gauge steel wire for the form & 18 gauge copper for the wrap. As you wrap, every 1/2" or so, you form figure 8's with the wire to create loops for hanging. I'd bought the chevron beads late last fall at AllyBeads but then couldn't figure out how to use them. Ta-da! They worked beautifully here! Most of the other beads are from "flowers" that Mitz made we sistahs a few years ago, sprinkled through with some of Shar's "grab bag" stash from FireMountainGems. I am so pleased with this bracelet! (Thank you, Shar, for sharing your stash!) I'm going to add steel wire to my stash, heavier brass, too - I'm wondering how this would look with beads or pearls or something, with Tim Holtz' Ideology pieces. Yep, I'll be trying it...

As I strolled through BeadingDaily the other day, I downloaded instructions for peyote stitched pieces - something new to try, right? Friday night, I played, using seed beads & beading thread. It worked enough to let me experiment, but the thread doesn't hold any form - so yesterday, I got a roll of Fireline. Last night, as T & I watched "Lonesome Dove" (for the zillionth time, but this time, celebrating its 20 year anniversary), I created. This ring was to be for my ring finger but ... well, live & learn, right? (Wish the camera had focused on the ring better & less on my hand, but that's what happens when you're trying to shoot with your less-dominant hand)

I bought these green round beads in Nashville, then #8 & #4 beads at Need2Bead - then put them together last night.

Yesterday I also bought beads to (1) finish another pair of earrings, (2) make a band for a watch face, (3) re-do a bracelet I made last fall and (4) make a 3 strand necklace for a focal piece (donut shaped) I got in Nashville. I think those will keep me busy this week...



Do you ever get hit by the boredom bug? You're surrounded by supplies, inspiration ... you have time available ... but, still, you sit. You read, stare out the window, watch tv ... wanting to "do" but ... you don't.

Maybe this has never happened to you, but it certainly has to me. It's frustrating, even as I sit & read another book. Even as I examine what I'm doing & try to analyze the "why", still I sit... I'd hoped to move past the sitting/reading I've been mired in by going to Kentucky, spending time with my sistahs, creating jewelry. You know, get the creative juices flowing again. It happened, but it didn't. Getting sick & other necessary distractions ate at our time.

I'm not swamped at work, so my "couch potato-ness" can't even be blamed there.

So, what's up with this?

This morning, I read in DailyOM about boredom & the proverbial light bulb flipped on. This really hit home: "When we are troubled by boredom, it is not that there is nothing to do but rather that we are not stimulated by the options before us. A bored mind can be the canvas upon which innovation is painted and the womb in which novelty is nourished. When you identify boredom as a signal that you need to test your boundaries, it can be the force that presses you to strive for opportunities you thought were beyond your reach and to indulge your desire for adventure."


So, today, I'm going to use my lackadaisical brain. I'm going to "do". I'm going to clear my "canvas" - rearrange some things here in my space. Move some scrapbooking supplies onto shelves that are less handy, move in art supplies. Maybe buy a small drawer unit to better use other space. Do you find if your supplies are more handy, you use them better? Instead of looking at others' creations & admiring their beauty, I'm going to DO. I'm going to push a boundary or two ... I am!

What are you creating today?


Allie's blog candy

Allie, a member of the AllThingsTim yahoo group is offering blog candy on her blog ... who doesn't like blog candy??? Allie's got a great shop, too - there's a link on her blog to it.
"Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand-and melting like a snowflake... (Francis Bacon)

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Cool - a free class!

This past winter, I took an online "story" class with Jessica Sprague - loved it! Now she's offering a free online photo editing class - and, yes, I will be signing up for it on June 22! You?



As promised ... pictures of jewelry made while with my sistahs...

Debs made this set on Saturday ... so pretty!!

The set Debs made Thursday with pieces purchased in Nashville

My pieces - all supplies bought in Nashville

Sharli's 3 earrings .. yes, 3. She always loses one ... lol

home again, home again, jiggidty jig

How wonderful, having 5 days with 2 of my sistahs!! I will share pictures soon of the jewelry we made. We didn't get to our metalworking class though ... 2 of us got VERY sick Thursday night, so spent Friday sleeping & recuperating. Shar & I aren't sure if we shared a virus or just both happened to get sick at the same time, but ... it was downright ugly in her house for hours. Fortunately, Debs didn't get sick - which we think ruled out food poisoning - and very thankfully, she got us ginger ale & saltines & such.

Today's been spent at home, sleeping & further recuperating. Whatever the bug was - it was nasty & stubborn & I hope none of you get it!