home again, home again, jiggidty jig

How wonderful, having 5 days with 2 of my sistahs!! I will share pictures soon of the jewelry we made. We didn't get to our metalworking class though ... 2 of us got VERY sick Thursday night, so spent Friday sleeping & recuperating. Shar & I aren't sure if we shared a virus or just both happened to get sick at the same time, but ... it was downright ugly in her house for hours. Fortunately, Debs didn't get sick - which we think ruled out food poisoning - and very thankfully, she got us ginger ale & saltines & such.

Today's been spent at home, sleeping & further recuperating. Whatever the bug was - it was nasty & stubborn & I hope none of you get it!


Sandy said...

glad you got to see your girls but sorry you got sick. UGH. can't wait to see some pics.

Anne said...

Hi, Nancy! Glad you enjoyed your sistah time! Sorry to hear you were sick, though! That's no fun! Hope you're feeling better soon! :-)

Pumpkin said...

Sounds like quite the visit ;o) Glad you're feeling better!