House of 3

One of my favorite blogs/websites belongs to House of 3. My blog background & header is one of theirs & I so love it! Well, I am thinking of changing it as I'm one of those who can't stand everything to be the same for any length of time (lol), but I will be changing it to another from House of 3.

Anyway ... have you seen their blog lately? They've got a wonderful "summer project" going on - beautiful creations that have my brain kicking into gear with ideas & plans! They have a giveaway posted today, which is always fun when blog surfing - but more than that, please go check out their project. Great inspiration on a rainy Friday!


Malissa said...

Thanks for the great link! I browsed around a bit and they have a lot of fun ideas and goodies!

Sandy said...

Hadn't seen it but thanks for telling me. I'm wanting to change mine too. :)

Pumpkin said...

Cool! There is some neat stuff there. I'm mad because my pumpkin background is gone again >:o(