I did it!

I finally broke out of my slump a bit! I went to Need2Bead yesterday to pick up a few things - yeah, we all know how that goes!

But, first, my finished bracelet - created while in Kentucky last week.

The instructions Shar had were to wrap 14 gauge silver with 18 gauge silver, but we're both more into other metals, so we used what we could find & liked - which was 16 gauge steel wire for the form & 18 gauge copper for the wrap. As you wrap, every 1/2" or so, you form figure 8's with the wire to create loops for hanging. I'd bought the chevron beads late last fall at AllyBeads but then couldn't figure out how to use them. Ta-da! They worked beautifully here! Most of the other beads are from "flowers" that Mitz made we sistahs a few years ago, sprinkled through with some of Shar's "grab bag" stash from FireMountainGems. I am so pleased with this bracelet! (Thank you, Shar, for sharing your stash!) I'm going to add steel wire to my stash, heavier brass, too - I'm wondering how this would look with beads or pearls or something, with Tim Holtz' Ideology pieces. Yep, I'll be trying it...

As I strolled through BeadingDaily the other day, I downloaded instructions for peyote stitched pieces - something new to try, right? Friday night, I played, using seed beads & beading thread. It worked enough to let me experiment, but the thread doesn't hold any form - so yesterday, I got a roll of Fireline. Last night, as T & I watched "Lonesome Dove" (for the zillionth time, but this time, celebrating its 20 year anniversary), I created. This ring was to be for my ring finger but ... well, live & learn, right? (Wish the camera had focused on the ring better & less on my hand, but that's what happens when you're trying to shoot with your less-dominant hand)

I bought these green round beads in Nashville, then #8 & #4 beads at Need2Bead - then put them together last night.

Yesterday I also bought beads to (1) finish another pair of earrings, (2) make a band for a watch face, (3) re-do a bracelet I made last fall and (4) make a 3 strand necklace for a focal piece (donut shaped) I got in Nashville. I think those will keep me busy this week...


Guinevere said...

Beautiful beads and even more lovely piece of jewelry. Thanks for visiting my blog - it's a long time since I had time to catch up - real life got in the way! J xx

Lisa said...

Yay! Congratulations on the peyote stitch!! Such a great accomplishment! I thought so when I learned it!! You must be a quick study to learn it from instructions instead of face to face! :) and you know I LOVE that dangle bracelet!!

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Nancy! Great designs! Congrats! Have a wonderful week!

Lisa :)