I played ... and played ...

Hmmm... guess I've not stored my jewelry pictures on my computer yet, so I won't be sharing them yet. Ahhh ... good intentions ...

In the meantime, my cruise roommate asked me recently if I'd done paper image transfers. Nope. I'd not. Of course, I was then curious! And I just happen to have Bernie Berlin's Artist Trading Card Workshop book here from the library - and guess what's in there! And this week, Claudia Hellmuth shared doing the transfers with her paints. Now, is this a sign I'm supposed to try this technique or what? Uh, yeah! lol

This morning, instead of being lost in Facebook's SmallWorlds, I've been focusing on creating. Time to get caught up making art (hey, I have to obey Wendy Vecchi, right???), so I've got Pandora playing Puddle of Mudd & Nickelback, got out my Golden gel medium, printed a picture and voila!

I tried paper to paper with just water first (not shown here ... didn't turn out so good), then I put gel medium on paper & brayered my photo on to it (right side sample). Love it!! Then, I had to try it on Tim Holtz's grungepaper (left side sample) - and it worked. It's not as clear, but the photo doesn't have much color - but this would work quite well with some color on the grungepaper as background, I'm sure. And, yes, I'll try it. Have you?

Happy Father's Day to dads everywhere!
I miss my dad every day, but especially on "his" days like today. His birthday was the 4th of July & he always declared all of the celebrations as HIS celebrations, thanking everyone for partying with him. He worked hard, sometimes at 3 jobs at a time, so my mom could stay home with us. He knew how to relax, how to enjoy life - some of my favorite memories are our times on picnics, the beach times in Florida & him teaching me how to take care of my car. I hope you are as blessed with your father as I was with mine.

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Sandy said...

Oh goodness, this looks great. I'm going to have to research this a bit.

I can imagine you miss your Dad so much. Hopefully we'll get to talk today (Mon.) If not then Tues. {{Hugs}}