Wonderful weekend!

How can it be Sunday afternoon already?!?!

Friday evening, I relaxed with 2 friends, poolside at one's home. We chilled with frozen strawberry daiquiris & my pesto with breadsticks. The sun was shining, the company was awesome .. a wonderful way to end the work week!

Saturday, I weeded our gardens ... and, yep, my muscles are still screaming! A cousin & I have vowed to get back to working out at the rec center - not a moment too soon. When I'd recovered a bit, I set to finishing a few charm bracelets.

This one's for Sandy, made with Blue Moon's "Tokens" charms & Tim Holtz's "Fragments" - and a washer. Hope she likes it!

This one is for me Tim Holtz's "Ideaology" pieces & his "Fragments". I have such a thing for base metals anymore!

This one, too, is for me (I'm so good to me! lol) - made with Blue Moon's "Tokens" & Tim's "Fragments".

Today, I attended my first "Meetup". Rhonda invited 9 of us to her home for a jewelry/beading meetup, hoping to get a monthly gathering going. Lisa & I were the only attendees today, but that's better than none, right? We chatted, got to know one another a bit, shared some ideas - especially with Lisa's beautiful Swarovski stash! - then we each got to working on our own pieces. I'm redoing my watch band, so I got started on it. Thank you, Rhonda, for bringing us together! I'm looking forward to next month already!

What fun things did you do and/or create this weekend?


Carolyn said...

Hope you don't mind -- I am visiting some of the gals on the "Over 50" blogroll. Love the title of your blog. Story of my life -- or at least was until recent. But am working towards geting back to normal life and activities and never having enough time. That would be a good place to be right now!

Course, the silver lining here I know have time to check out some of the blogrolls I've had on my sidebar for awhile and meet new friends!

Relaxing with friends IS a great way to end the week. Sounds like you had fun. And the bracelets you create are wonderful. Very creative and pretty.

Nothing creative for me this weekend. Some major changes going on in my life right now, and when I stress, I tend to want to be "blog creative" although I have no talent for it. So I rely on others who are. So my blog pampering took me to creating a new blog and importing and moving stuff over. But it achieved its purpose, and I'm happy, so guess that is all that matters.

Have a great weekend.

Lisa said...

Great post Nancy and great weekend for sure!! I really love your charm bracelets, such personality!! I had a great time too and look forward to the next one when I will vow to really make something. Thanks for all the input!!!!! I'm working on it now! :)

Pumpkin said...

You sure had a busy weekend! Love hearing all about it :o)

The bracelets are lovely as always. You have some great ideas.

Anne said...

Hi, Nancy! The bracelets you've created are gorgeous! I think my favorite is Sandy's. I like the colors and the arrow charm. :-)