A bit of catching up...

A week ago, we took off for Michigan to visit our sons & their families in northern Michigan (ok, they're actually T's sons, but that makes them mine, too! lol). We had a GREAT time, relaxing, getting away from it all... The guys & our oldest granddaughter went canoeing one day while the rest of us (DIL, K, grandkids) went into Traverse City to shop & eat. I bought a few beads (yes, a FEW) at Nobbins - a nice bead store in TC - though I've not created anything with them yet. Our DIL bought beads & began a hemp/bead necklace for herself, as her pregnancy keeps her from wearing anything with nickle remotely in it. Now I want to play with macrame, too! ;-)

Anyway ... didn't do any crafting beyond making button bracelets for the grandgirls. So, of course, I'd begun having withdrawal issues. Tonight, I sat and finally made a tag for the "Christmas in July" contest in AllThingsTim. We were to pick one of his 2007 or 2008 Christmas tag techniques & make a non-Christmas version. My fingers are crossed that I win - I'd win an autographed (Tim, of course!) denim tote bag!

Now I'm off to harvest on FarmTown ... Facebook games are way too addicting!



Today's garden pictures, looking northeast, then southwest. The first shows our crookneck squash and miles (lol) of tomatoes. The second shows the potatoes, carrots, peppers & melons. MELONS are taking over everywhere!

I've canned 24 pints of beans & we've had dinner with freshly picked beans. I couldn't tell you how many zucchini we've shredded & frozen so far & they're still coming on. The cherry & grape tomatoes are going crazy & are super tasty!

And "my" sunflowers are growing beautifully! I planted our first packet - these blood red ones. Tom planted the second packet - about 4 plants are up, though not anywhere as far along as mine. Of course mine are better! (HA!)

Sometimes, I think I live & breathe Tim

I buy, I create ... shoot, today I ordered a Tim Holtz sweatshirt! Am I addicted or what? Ahhh...but it's all good!

I want to participate in the swap with my cruisemates in October, so I've begun making ATC's. I think I shared some earlier. Regardless, here are the latest ones I've made.

Will I get them ALL made???

Besides the cruise swap, I'm also participating in a grungepaper swap in AllThingsTim. We were to make 7 of whatever we chose from grungepaper. 6 will be distributed amongst the participants, 1 goes to Tim.
I wanted to do something different - not a flower or notepad cover. Not to take from any of those things - but I've seen what others create & mine would not have been unique at all - the others are super talented! My first idea was a "fortune teller" - remember the paper toys we made as kids? I made a prototype - and I still like it - but I'd still be making them, long after the swap deadline. After a few other ideas, I decided on a pinwheel. I am very pleased with them!

When accidents happen...

A week ago, 6 of us had tickets to see the stage play of "Mamma Mia". We met at one woman's house for an early lunch beforehand. As we left the house, one woman missed a step & fell, tearing the tendons in her ankle, badly. Her husband took her to the urgent care while we went on to the play. Of course the play was great, but we so missed our friend!

To commemorate & day & share our memories with our missing friend, 3 of us got together Saturday night & created this "memory collage" (it grew mightily from a card! *lol*) for her. What a great fun evening we had!


A week???

It's been a week since I've posted here? Wow ... I know it feels like I've been busy - guess I really have been! *lol* So, a quick update: I've canned 24 pints of green beans - beans harvested from our garden! They took longer than they should have as the first batch (Sunday) I apparently didn't set the lid/ring on the canner properly & about blew up 8 pint jars of beans. Didn't 'cause Tom smelled something burning ... yikes! I did get a few more ATC's made last weekend but haven't done any other "art" this week, yet. Durn! Yesterday, I had lunch with stitching friends Renee, Rita & Lauren (and Renee's 2 kids) at Cheesecake Factory at Easton. YUM! We always have such a wonderful time together - full of laughs & giggles - and yesterday was no exception. Thank you, ladies - I had a blast!

Pictures later ... maybe tonight. Maybe....


Fun times!

Well, the photos haven't gone on here in order, but ... it works ...

I survived my reunion! Actually, I had a blast! So, to go backwards...

Sunday, one of my classmates hosted a brunch for us at his home in an area of my childhood 'burb that I'd never visited. His home is incredible! Warm, comfortable ... with walls covered in all sorts of glorious artwork. It was a wonderful background to a relaxed gathering of about half of the Friday night group. Thank you, Mike!

I love the smiles these 3 have! Delia - the one on the left - joined us in high school, as her family moved into the US from Ireland. Linda - the one in the middle - has been a friend since 4th grade. She hesitated about going Sunday, but ended up having fun (as I knew she would!) after all. Debbie - the one on the right - has also been a friend since 4th grade. Hers was the first home I ever visited that had it's own in-ground pool - very cool! Debbie & I have found, as adults, we have a joint interest in jewelry making - fun times ahead for us!

Had to include a photo of my mom, of course! Linda (above) invited us to watch the parade at her daughter's home, on the parade route - wonderful seats! (Thanks, Linda & family!) The 4th was my dad's birthday ... I'm glad we could make it into a fun, memorable day again. (Dad always said the parades & fireworks were just for him ... yeah, sure ... lol)

Part of our high school's traditions is the reunion-ing years ride floats of some sort in the parade. I chose to watch this year, rather than ride/walk ... This shows part of our group.

This, finally, is from Friday night ... me with Linda, a friend since junior high. Hmmm...guess I need to copy some of the photos Debbie took that night - hers were much better.

Sunday, after the brunch, we visited with a friend who'd not attended any of the festivities. I'd not seen Penny since high school, I think ... I am very glad we went to see her & look forward to seeing her again soon. As one of our group said as we left & talked about going out to dinner as a group, soon: we are one another's histories. There is no reason to wait another 5 or 10 years to see one another again, especially when many of us live in this area still. So, we won't! At the very least, we're planning to have a joint 60th birthday party in 2 years ... bring it on!



I'm old enough that my 40th high school reunion dinner/party is tomorrow night. But that still just doesn't seem right ... 40 years since my high school graduation? Me??? How'd that happen?!?

I'm really looking forward to seeing so many of my classmates! Many of us live near one another, but as often happens, we lose touch with one another, then reconnect at a reunion. Of course, I had plans to lose more weight, work out, undergo some huge miraculous physical morph ... and we know how that worked out! *lol*

Last week, while I was in 1StopBeadShop, 2 strands of "crystals" caught my eye. I'd already bought 2 strands of another color combination to use with the big round beads (which had been made into a bracelet last fall but I wanted to re-do) but these second strands reminded me much more of the colors in the focal beads - so, of course I bought them. Over the last couple of evenings, I've made this ... and I'll wear it tomorrow night (and the earrings I made, I think).

Today, it's work, then a haircut/manicure/pedicure ... I am just going to look so good! ;o)