Sometimes, I think I live & breathe Tim

I buy, I create ... shoot, today I ordered a Tim Holtz sweatshirt! Am I addicted or what? Ahhh...but it's all good!

I want to participate in the swap with my cruisemates in October, so I've begun making ATC's. I think I shared some earlier. Regardless, here are the latest ones I've made.

Will I get them ALL made???

Besides the cruise swap, I'm also participating in a grungepaper swap in AllThingsTim. We were to make 7 of whatever we chose from grungepaper. 6 will be distributed amongst the participants, 1 goes to Tim.
I wanted to do something different - not a flower or notepad cover. Not to take from any of those things - but I've seen what others create & mine would not have been unique at all - the others are super talented! My first idea was a "fortune teller" - remember the paper toys we made as kids? I made a prototype - and I still like it - but I'd still be making them, long after the swap deadline. After a few other ideas, I decided on a pinwheel. I am very pleased with them!


Sandy said...

I love your ATC's and your pinwheels. They look great and I'm sure they're going to be a hit. :)

Anne said...

Hi, Nancy! What a creative idea to make pinwheels! So clever! Hope you have fun! :-)

Pumpkin said...

Wow! How many ATC's will you have to make?

LOVE the pinwheels! Leave it up to you to come up with something brilliant :o)

Lydia said...

These are so cute!!!

Sherry Goodloe said...

Ooooh Nancy, I love your atc's! This is just going to be soooo much fun isn't it? *smiles*

Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog to see my progress with my atc's.