A week???

It's been a week since I've posted here? Wow ... I know it feels like I've been busy - guess I really have been! *lol* So, a quick update: I've canned 24 pints of green beans - beans harvested from our garden! They took longer than they should have as the first batch (Sunday) I apparently didn't set the lid/ring on the canner properly & about blew up 8 pint jars of beans. Didn't 'cause Tom smelled something burning ... yikes! I did get a few more ATC's made last weekend but haven't done any other "art" this week, yet. Durn! Yesterday, I had lunch with stitching friends Renee, Rita & Lauren (and Renee's 2 kids) at Cheesecake Factory at Easton. YUM! We always have such a wonderful time together - full of laughs & giggles - and yesterday was no exception. Thank you, ladies - I had a blast!

Pictures later ... maybe tonight. Maybe....


Pumpkin said...

Yeah, where have you been? I've been posting more than you have lately ;o) LOL!

Did you say cheesecake factory? Oh man! I wish I lived closer to you ;o)

Btw, I found a bead store in the next town over. I am in SOOOOO much trouble. You should see what I brought home. Hopefully I can make pieces as lovely as yours :o)

Nancy said...

Come on, Cathey ... Show me what you've bought!! :o)
Come visit ... we can go to CF!

Lisa said...

Hi there! You have been busy!!! Your pictures are great!! I wondered if you were heading over to Ally's "Beadstock" this weekend? I'm going tomorrow morning, not sure what time they open.