The past week & a half...

On August 13, my guy suffered a heart attack while we sat at home, watching tv, reading our respective books. Thank God it occurred while I was here, while I was awake - or, he'd be dead as it was a "v-tac" - one where the ventricles of the heart go haywire & more often than not, kill the person immediately. Thanks to T's stubbornness, the wonderful staff at our nearest hospital & the love & support of our friends & family, T survived! He had a heart cath on August 19, a defibrillator implanted on the 20th and was released to home on Friday. Last night, I think we both finally really rested & slept all night.

This picture shows were we lived, if we weren't in T's room in CCU. Looking at the picture now, I realize I was still shaking from it all, a week later. I hope none of you ever have our same experience. If you smoke, if someone you know smokes, stop NOW. Smoking didn't cause T's heart attacks (the doctors found earlier damage with the heart cath) - genetics caused T's more than anything - but his 30+ years of smoking didn't help anything.

Again - our extreme thanks go to all of the wonderful EMS squad and the hospital staff! They were, to a person, awesome! Thank you, too, to all of our friends & family who stood with us, minute by minute, as T suffered & survived!


A rose is a rose ...

Since Tim Holtz introduced GrungePaper to the market, lots of people have been having fun, coming up with new items to create with it. It's very flexible & almost impossible to tear. Once it's shaped, it holds that shape. Tim made a rose with it a month or two ago ... then many started figuring out how to make them. Wendy Vecchi came up with her own version, using one of her flower stamps to create the shape. Ahhhh.... I can do that, too! So, I followed her directions & made my own first rose! What fun! I think I'm going to put a pinback on it, so I can wear it ... but, who knows for sure? Those of us going on The Artful Voyage in October are all going to wear GrungePaper roses when we arrive in LA so we know one another - cool idea, huh?

Have you played with GrungePaper yet? You should, if you've not! If you have, please let me know - I'd love to see what you create!


Happy August!

Wow ... where did July go? I even missed my own blogiversary! My first blog was created on July 7, 2006 - I've been blogging for 3 years?!?!?! How did that happen? I was even going to have a giveaway to celebrate this year ... I'll work on that & get back to you.

A week ago, these woods along the Platte River brought us lots of laughter, love & good times. Today, T & I will be working in our gardens. A week of neglect & rain = lots of work to be done! The sun's shining wonderfully & the heat of the day's not arrived yet, so outside I go.