I usually leave for work while the sun's still sleeping, but today, I overslept. One of the blessings of being about 1/2 hour later leaving for work was seeing the beautiful colors of the eastern sky this morning ... Can't wait to see the sun rising, from the deck of the cruise ship ... in 16 days!



The second half are ready for their backs!

One set done!

Yea, me! One-half of my cruise ATC's are done - well, except for my info which needs to be printed then affixed to the backs. YEA!


Freedom of speech (vent alert!)

I'm so behind here on my blog home ... I spend my evenings furiously working away on my 170 ATC's for the cruise and/or spending time with T. I've reconstructed most of our hospital time in a Google document, both for my own sanity (aka journaling) as well as to give T a replacement, if you will, for the memory he does not have from his heart attack on. He did indeed have a heart attack on or about August 1, then ventricular fibrillation ("sudden cardiac arrest") on the 13th. I just cannot ever express my gratitude to God for sparing T's life, as well as to all of the EMS & hospital personnel who went above & beyond with T.

Our "freedom of speech" has been on my mind a lot the last month or so. I'll spare you most of the gorey details, but today's experience here at work just makes me want to SCREAM! I firmly believe we each are allowed our own opinions & thoughts, no matter if we live in the USA or anywhere else. BUT, I also believe in a time & a place, a filter ... I do NOT believe one has the right to be nasty in said expression. Someone else's opinions do NOT have any more validity than my own. It's bad enough that more often than not, an employer uses the workplace as a soapbox. In my case, my office has a door & I can & do close it when the need arises. But today? Coworkers loudly expressed their disdain - to put it mildly - of a political office holder. What was said was rude, nasty - and, when I finally couldn't stay quiet & said "not everyone feels as you do", I was told, again nastily, rudely, that I was wrong. The ol' "I'm smarter/better/whatever-er than you, so shut up" attitude. *sigh* There are days - and this is one, apparently - where I wish I worked in the middle of a cornfield ....



Told ya I started them .... Yep, these are the 2 ATC's I'm making for the cruise swap. Slowly, but surely, they're coming together. Whoo hoo!


Thanks, Wendy!

Last Thursday, I received my autographed copy of Wendy Vecchi's new book, Make Art, Studio 490 Style. It's an awesome book - great photos, lists of all materials, beautiful creations. Thank you, Wendy, for all you do for we who love your art!

I wanted to make Mom a birthday card, so of course, I turned to my new book. Decisions, decisions! T & I chose one & I went to work, creating it with what I had on hand. Her frame is from Maya Road, but I've not yet purchased any of their products, so I made my own, as well as my own circle & chipboard base. The rose is the one I made a month or so ago, again, following Wendy's instructions. I freehanded the stem & petals, the papers are Graphic45 (my favorite papers!).

And, guess what? I've finally begun making the zillion ATC's I want to have for the cruise! YES! I have 2 different ones & will share pictures once I get a few made. I got the backgrounds colored, the photo printed & inked today - and may get the lace cut yet tonight. I am SO glad I've finally gotten back into creating!


Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today's my mom's 83rd birthday - Happy Birthday, Mom! I love this picture of us, from 1953, taken at the back steps to my grandparents' house. Things have changed a lot since then, but we're still "us". I couldn't ask for a more loving, fun, courageous mother - she's the best!