I'd appreciate your help

I need to create a new blog. With my name & email address change, I can only post to my blog with my new info, so to give myself full access to my own blog, I have to start a new blog. I can import this blog into it, so my posts & comments come with me ... but, that's the extent of what I can do with my old name & old email address.

So ... are you feeling creative? I'm not. I now have a cold, along with cruise lag, and don't seem to be able to come up with anything for a new title. Please help? I'm leaving this post as my "first" post until Sunday, October 25, 2009, at noon. If you'd please leave me a comment with a suggested blog title (be nice, please! lol), I'll draw 2 names from the list of commenters & they will each receive one of the ATC's I created for the cruise (see earlier posts to see them). The person with the "winning" title will receive each of my cruise ATC's as well as a third ATC (also created by me). Please be sure to post your name & a blog title or email address for me to reach you. My plan is to draw the names before Sunday evening. One entry per person, please. I'd like my title to reflect "me" ... what you've learned of me here.

Thank you for helping this cold-addled tired blogger!


Anne said...

Hi, Nancy! I'm not the best person to ask to come up with names! But you mention in your "about you" section that your blog is about your journeys... maybe Nancy's Artful Journeys? Just one idea! ;-)

Kathy2eggs said...

Hi Nancy, I only had one idea, and Nancy's Notes popped into my head.
Wish I could think of something more "Artful"....ha ha
I'll have to find you on Facebook.

Tammy said...

Moving on from "Never enough time ..." for everything on your list, how about "What's Next, Nancy?"